2 New Games This Week!

Well, new to us at least.  Maybe not so much though, since both of these games have been sitting in back waiting to be repaired for quite a while.

First up is the 1981 sequel to Defender, Stargate.  Probably one of the most difficult games from the era, with lots of controls and lots going on.  One of my favorites.


Also from 1981, and also a sequel, one of the all-time greats, Ms. Pac-Man.  This one is scheduled for a full cosmetic restoration but we though you might like to see the “before” version.  It plays perfectly, it’s just a bit rough on the outside.


And like all of our classic arcade games you can play either of these two games for just a single token.  We’re a little short on PayRange hardware so for now these games are token play only.

Two New Games This Week!

We have added two classic titles from the 80s to our pinball lineup. Bally’s Cybernaut from 1985 is a relatively rare game, with only 900 being produced.

Laser Cue from Williams (1984) is a more common game with 2800 produced.

Something that both games have in common is the requirement that certain targets be hit in order.  On Laser Cue when the drop targets are hit out of sequence they pop back up.  On the first “rack” targets 1 – 5 spot you an additional target so 8 targets complete the rack.  On subsequent racks you need to hit all 15 targets.
Cybernaut’s three targets are stand-up targets, but you need to hit them in order left to right.  The second time you complete the row you get an extra ball, and the third time gets you a replay.  It’s not easy though, to get a clear shot at the targets first you need to knock down the four “guardian” drop targets.  Completing the row the second time causes the drop targets to reset.
Two fun games, with awesome 80s sound effects, and both are only two tokens per play.