Red Baron

Red Baron - Jun 1975
From way back in 1975 it’s Red Baron. Another electro-mechanical game for the vintage side of our pinball lineup. This one is from Chicago Coin. We have a couple of their arcade games on the floor (and they do very well), but this is the first Chicago Coin pinball machine we have ever had in our lineup. This one comes from late in their history. In 1977 their assets were purchased by Stern Electronics, today’s Stern Pinball.

Little Chief

Little Chief - Sep 1975

Our latest addition!  From 1975 it’s Little Chief by Williams.  It’s out on the floor now, and like all of our classic EMs it’s one token for five balls.  Talk about cheap entertainment, check out the flyer, that’s even better than the recommended pricing from 1975!

The Big Lebowski

Big Lebowski 3

Some good news about our The Big Lebowski game:  Since replacing the P3-ROC board on 4/13 we’ve put over two hundred plays on it, with the “P3-ROC NOT FOUND” error only coming up once.  That error (and others) had been coming up at least occasionally on our game ever since it was new, so only seeing it one time is a huge improvement.  Hopefully that one instance was just a fluke and not an indication of future problems.

As far as the current situation at Dutch Pinball (TBL’s maker), who knows?  The last thing they posted was on 4/7 about a meeting with their contract manufacturer that looked promising.  Since then, radio silence.

Our plan is still to leave the game out on the floor at least for the time being.  If things don’t get resolved at Dutch Pinball, and replacement parts continue to be unavailable, at some point we will probably have to retire the game.

So come on down and enjoy this game while you still can.  Who knows, maybe we will re-schedule our cancelled TBL launch party!  We might do a combo launch party when our new Attack From Mars arrives.

It’s on the way.

Attack From Mars remake - 2017

This is a re-issue of the 1995 Midway classic Attack From Mars.  It’s being produced by Chicago Gaming Company.  We don’t have an estimated delivery date but more than likely it will arrive towards the end of the year.  It’s a very cool game, it will be worth the wait.