Don’t have a cow, man!

The Simpsons Pinball Party - Feb 2003The Simpsons Pinball Party joins the lineup at MSA on Sunday, September 2.  Come on in and check out this Pinside Top 20 game from 2003.


It’s 1980, baby!

Panthera - Jun 1980

Stop in and check out Gottlieb’s Panthera from mid-1980.  It’s a big old wide-body game with lots of drop targets, and who doesn’t love drop targets?

Two more classic pins!

Stellar Wats - Mar 1979
Stellar Wars, a Williams game from March 1979 is now in the lineup.  This was one of my favorite games back when it was new, and it’s still a ton of fun.  And it’s only one token per play.

Roller Coaster - Jun 1971
Also new (to us) this month is the Gottlieb 2-player classic Roller Coaster, from way back in June 1971.  Roller Coaster is five balls per game, and only costs one token to play.