Hooray for Hollywood!

Hollywood - Feb 1976

From way back in 1976 it’s one of the last games from Chicago Coin.  Like all of our electro-mechanical games it’s just one token per play.  Give it a shot!


F-14 Tomcat has landed!

F-14 Tomcat - Mar 1987

30 years ago Williams produced this game, and guess what, 30 years later it’s still a ton of fun to play!  I think it still holds the record for most flashers in a pinball machine.  This game puts on quite a light show, and the sounds aren’t bad either.  Give it a play, at only 2 tokens per play it’s one of the biggest bargains in here.

Red Baron

Red Baron - Jun 1975
From way back in 1975 it’s Red Baron. Another electro-mechanical game for the vintage side of our pinball lineup. This one is from Chicago Coin. We have a couple of their arcade games on the floor (and they do very well), but this is the first Chicago Coin pinball machine we have ever had in our lineup. This one comes from late in their history. In 1977 their assets were purchased by Stern Electronics, today’s Stern Pinball.